CIS 1166: Math Concepts in Computing I, Section 007


Dr. Edward Crotty

Office: 317 SERC
Web page: Dr. Edward Crotty
Course page: Blackboard course

Teaching assistant (section 003)

Djordje (George) Gligorijevic

Office: 334 SERC
Office phone: +1 215 204 5376

Office hours for Fall 2015:

  • Wednesday: 1:00pm- 3:00pm


The detailed syllabus can be downloaded here.

Assignments Policy

You will be given several qizzes and homework assignments. These should be submitted to Teaching assistant or professor directly or via email in a timely fashion.

Homework Assignments

Late submissions of homework are not allowed! However, individual exceptions will only be granted in the rarest of circumstances. Appeals to accept late homework should be directed by email to the instructor, and should typically be accompanied by appropriate documentation (e.g. doctor’s note).

Unless otherwise specified, homework may not be done in groups

Homework problems will be discussed on the labs after the submission. It is highly recommended to take notes during homework discussion as you will not have your homework with you.

Lab Materials

The list of all tables and figures can be downloaded here.

Propositional Logic Rules Summarization

Propositional Equivalences

Predicates and Quantifiers

Nested Quantifiers